I was at the official listening party today…..

Today I heard the new echolyn album in it’s entirety and I’m not kidding when I say it will absolutely stun everyone when they hear it.

Brett Kull invited me up to the final mixing and listening party which happened today 4-22-2012 at the Catapult Sound Studio in North Wales, PA which is about an hour and a half north from where I live. The chance to hang out with my favorite band while listening to their brand new not-yet-released-album WITH them was incredible and was something I’ll never forget.

While I’m not allowed to go into detail about the album (under penalty of death) I will try to sum up the overall sound and feeling of the album as best I can – having only heard it once.

In the past I’ve assigned one word to describe each of echolyn’s albums:

Debut – Young

Suffocating The Bloom – Poetic

and every blossom – Peaceful

As The World – Frenetic

When The Sweet Turns Sour – Dissonant

Cowboy Poems Free – Earthy

mei – Epic

The End Is Beautiful – Rockin’

After hearing the new album today it was really tough to pin down the sound or overall feeling with one word but the one that popped up 1st was “Beautiful” This is by far the most melodic work they’ve done and literally a blend of the last 3 albums put together. I’m always amazed at how echolyn can simultaneously reinvent their sound while still remaining echolyn – they are truly a “progressive” rock band.

While their last album TEIB was in-your-face…the new album envelops you and surrounds you. The overall tempo is very upbeat with some incredible guitar work by Brett – his best yet. Gritty at times….powerful…gentle…he really mixes it up to great effect.

Chris Buzby kills on the keys as usual and has moved away from the heavier organ sound in favor of a brighter, more traditional one. I’m not a musician so I’m trying to describe this as best I can not knowing all the technical details. I look forward to hearing from the keyboardists out there at a later time with their opinion.

I always think of Tom Hyatt and Paul Ramsey at the same time because of their excellent relationship to each other during playing. Having only heard the album once through it’s difficult for me to accurately describe the bass and drums other than to say I really really liked how it fit with the overall sound and composition of the album.I found their playing on the new album a complete departure from the As The World style and nothing quite like they’ve done before. Much of this has to do with the fact that Tom and Ray BOTH share bass duties this go ’round and that was a brilliant creative decision IMO.

Ray’s vocals are smooth and wonderful…soaring a times and fit the mood of the album perfectly. The trademark harmonies are there also and are different from their past efforts – not as prominent but perfectly positioned. Brett (as he has done in the past) has stayed out of the lead vocal limelight and instead mainly concentrated on background vocals

Like I said before – it’s tough to describe any album after just one listen but with all that echolyn puts into their music it’s almost impossible.

There will be a limited vinyl release – the entire album with (as it stood today) a download key for a lossless digital download of the album. And of course the cd will also be available as a 2 cd set.

Good things come to those who wait – GREAT things come to those who wait longer :)

All my thanks to echolyn for inviting me to share the day with them – you guys are simply awesome!

Look for a release date of early to mid June 2012.

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